About Us

Our Vision is to Advance the Freedom to Connect and Communicate Globally to Foster Economic Opportunity, Allowing for the Transformation & Awakening of Global Potential

Our Mission is to
Serve as Trusted Advisors

Our Story

It all started between 2000-2002 when we were working for a large, global telecom provider.  We loved the process of really getting to know our business customers – how they serve their own customers, their business models, how they operate, their culture, their values, and what they are all about.  We loved solving their telecom problems and putting together strategic roadmaps to help them accomplish their most important goals.  What we did not love was promoting all things under the sun for the provider we worked for, because that was not always the right fit for the customer.  We realized early on that the direct telecom model was flawed because it only represented their own solutions which created a natural bias, and did not represent a market wide view for the customer of what was available and truly fit their business.  The provider said they wanted us to be consultants to our customers, but at the same time, they demanded us to sell everything we could, with aggressive quotas.  Naturally, those 2 things cannot fit together, and we knew this was not right for our customers.  We knew there had to be a better way.  The seed was planted for a transformative customer experience.

We asked ourselves:

  • What if we could truly consult for our customers, but instead of representing any one provider, we could have access to ALL providers in the market, keeping us supplier and technology agnostic, and truly focused on our customers’ unique needs?
  • What if instead of trying to meet a sales quota every month or quarter, we could forget ANY quotas and simply ‘trust the process’ that if we truly care about our customers, add as much value as possible, and build long term relationships, then the revenue would take care of itself?
  • What if instead of focusing on what WE want, we focus on what our CUSTOMERS want?
  • What if instead of promoting ourselves to customers, we attract our customers?
  • What if instead of helping our customers survive, we help them thrive?
  • Wouldn’t that be transformational?  Wouldn’t that be better?  Wouldn’t that be right?

And with that…the result of our search and discovery was the birth of Telecom Advisors on August 5, 2002.  And immediately we knew, because of our customers’ trust in us, that our new model was right and better for them.  We knew we were on the right path for us because we were adding value for our customers in a way most of them had not experienced before.  We made an oath early on…”If it’s not right for our customers, then it’s not right for us.”  And we built our entire business around our customers.  We were “customer centric” before that was a buzz word.  And ever since those early days of 2002, we have built, and continue to build Telecom Advisors completely around our customers.  Although the products and services we advise on have certainly changed (as they will continue to with technology advancements), what has never changed are our core values, principles and keeping our customers at the heart of everything we do.  And that who we are at Telecom Advisors.

We believe that our model gives our customers a much better way of sourcing technology.  Telecom Advisors will research, design, validate, source, deploy, and support only those solutions that are right for our customers.  We focus on supporting our customers’ technology, so our customers can focus on what they do best in their own core businesses.

We understand that the communication services we represent are the lifeblood of our customers’ organizations.  We take very seriously that communications play a pivotal role in the world in promoting the free flow and exchange of ideas and information.  Reflected in our core values and principles is the ‘way’ in which we do business, how we interact with everyone we encounter, and our absolute dedication to collaboration, customer satisfaction, and global contribution.  At Telecom Advisors, our mission is to serve as our customers’ Trusted Advisors.

We aspire to do our part in advancing the freedom to connect and communicate globally, because we know that fosters more economic opportunity, which in turn allows for the transformation and awakening of global potential.  For our customers, we thank you for the privilege of serving your needs to be a part of that together!  And for our potential customers and collaborators, we invite you to get to know us.  We’d be privileged to get to you too, and we’d love to discover if we can build something meaningful together.  Your success is our passion.

The entire team at Telecom Advisors
Your Trusted Advisors for all Your Communications Needs

Key Benefits in Partnering with Telecom Advisors:

We live by our core principles we deliver for our customers:



Above all, we aim to serve as your “Trusted Advisors” providing independent, objective and unbiased support and advice.  We are supplier and technology agnostic, giving us the freedom to collaborate on what’s best for your business, not what your providers want to sell you.



Use our access, subject matter experts, purchasing volume, and relationships to your maximum benefit. Using us saves your organization time, cost, complexity, and resources (which can be used on more important core business initiatives).  Through us, you have access to ALL providers in the global marketplace through all channels (retail, wholesale, aggregation, niche, etc.), as well as access to the top Subject Matter Experts nationally in their respective fields.



Single Source (One-Stop-Shop) for all things Telecom including the best support teams (we keep your providers honest and accountable). No more worry about account rep turnover, poor performance and/or lack of knowledge transfer. We bring you world-class reliability and support.


Cost Savings and Control

We help all our customers optimize their telecom environments which produces sizable Op-Ex cost reduction.

More Benefits in Partnering with Telecom Advisors:


  • We aim to be a strategic partner, not just another vendor.
  • We are an extension of your staff. We are your advocates and we work for you.
  • We will reduce your costs and (perpetually) optimize, leverage, centralize and simplify your telecom procurement and management. This is our core expertise and what we do every day.
  • We’ve been doing this since 2002 and have a wide range of global customers including Enterprise customers in the Fortune/Global 500/5000.
  • We are subject matter experts in telecom, including procurement and management of.  And by extension of our key, world-class suppliers, we have access to a network of leading subject matter experts in key disciplines (i.e. SD-WAN, UCaaS, Contact Center, Mobility/IoT, Cloud, Cyber Security, and more) available for you whenever you need.
  • We are invested in your success and a long-lasting relationship, and we aim to partner together with you, including learning how and why decisions are made as they are (i.e. your own customer relationships, go to market strategies, etc.) so we can do the heavy legwork for you of bringing only the top solutions that make sense specifically for your organization.
  • We add virtually no risk with tremendous upside.